DAA Mini Case Feeder Loader Bowl

DAA Mini Case Feeder Loader Bowl

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The DAA Mini case feeder for the Dillon XL650/750 has been a popular product for years. It’s a great way to unlock the full potential of these excellent reloading presses, even without making the investment in the optional electric case feeder. The 6-tube assembly can hold approx. 100 pcs of 9mm brass, and feeds reliably as you reload.

However, filling these 6 tubes can be time consuming – and we are please to offer a solution for that!

The DAA Mini Case Feeder Loader Bowl attaches to the top of your Mini case feeder tube assembly, and sits firmly in place. By dropping handfuls of brass into the large bowl area, and shaking the tube assembly, you can fill the tubes much faster than you otherwise could, by feeding the brass in one at a time. with a little practice you will find the perfect motion and quantity of brass to feed into the bowl, and then an upside down case falling down the tube becomes rare indeed.

We recommend removing the tube assembly from the press in order to fill them.

Included with the bowl is the .223 adaptor plate, which should be used when filling .223 case into the tubes. Fill three tubes, then rotate the .223 adaptor place one position to fill the other three tubes.

A great time saver, making your DAA Mini Case Feeder an even more useful and effective solution!