Mini Mr.BulletFeeder - 6-tube Magazine - Pistol

Mini Mr.BulletFeeder - 6-tube Magazine - Pistol

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Get an additional 6-tube Magazine assembly for your Mini Mr.BulletFeeder by DAA. Each assembly will allow you to preload another 100 bullets before you start your reloading session.

Be sure to keep the assembly upright once filled, to prevent the bullets tipping out the top holes. Align the hole in the base of the unit with the tube which has the retention pin in place, so all 6 tubes can be filled. Remove that pin only when the assembly is placed on top of the dropper die assembly.

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Monday 08 April, 2019
Jeff Kinney
I purchased the 9mm and 45acp Mini bullet feeders and upgraded them to my needs. I drilled out the tubes added 4' poly tubes from my old home made bullet feeder and a center support. I now have a 500 round Maxi bullet feeder. You guys make some great products.
Sunday 03 February, 2019
Stan Hammer
Tube is easy to fill and works great, it’s amazing how quickly you go through the entire tube.
Tuesday 04 September, 2018
Excellent product, from an excellent company, simple, priced right. Perfect for my needs. Poly coated lead bullets will not feed from my expensive auto bulet feeder. This is much better than by hand one at a time.
Thursday 31 May, 2018
Charles Fehr
This is a great time saver for loading pistol bullets. It is quiet due to no motor running. I first tried the Mr Bullet Feeder die to be sure it was what they claimed and yes it works great every time. I then added the tube assembly and now can quickly load a 100 + rounds. I am using this on a LEE Loadmaster and it makes reloading so nice now.
Thursday 24 May, 2018
Joe B
I bought this system for 9mm, 10mm/.40 and .45 along with the Mr Bulletfeeder dies for each. It works flawlessly and has replaced my manual Hornady bullet feeder dies and tubes. I am extremely happy with the Mr. Bulletfeeder and its performance. It works with FMJ and most importantly my own cast/powdercoated bullets as well. I would recommend this 10 out of 10 as an economical solution for feeding your press bullets.
Monday 07 May, 2018
Michael McBride
Purchased this to go along with the Mr.Bullet Feeder die and the Powder funnel specifically for the Hornady LNL AP Case Activated Powder Measure. Drops bullets consistently into the die with no hangups. Works just as advertised. Wish they were a little less expensive or I would buy several more.
Saturday 28 April, 2018
Caleb D
Purchased this mini set after messing around with the hornady die for far too long. The feeder die works great and the roatary style loading tubes are easier to store. Great product.
Tuesday 27 February, 2018
The Mr Bulletfeeder is the best there is and works great every time. Best thing I have done for reloading is to use the bullet feeder die and tubes they sell.
Thursday 14 September, 2017
Pat Capobianco
This is the best bang for the buck, if don't want to spend over $400 for a motorized bullet feeder I suggest you buy one of these.
Tuesday 08 August, 2017
Vince Lucchetti
While I will probably end up spending a comparable amount to have bought the Mr. Bulletfeeder, the mini serves my purposes quite well. Does not take up as much room, less noise and movable parts, easy to monitor. All in all a perfect addition for my reloading use on the Dillon 650. I would suggest adding an additional hitch clip with each tube as there is no comparable clip I could find upon the loss of one (which I fortunately found). There are acceptable replacements, but none designed like the clip that comes with the feeder. Would also like to see a discount on buying multiple tube feeders. Really need at least two for any decent reloading session, and at $50 each (plus shipping), it can add up.
Wednesday 08 February, 2017
steve carey
The bullet feeder is the perfect addition to my Dillon 550. I bought one extra magazine and I'm glad I did. The one negative is that I'm running out of reloading components at an alarming rate.
Thursday 21 July, 2016
I have my Dillon 650 set with mr bullet feeder . Now my Dillon 550 works perfect with this inexpensive 6 tube assembly, I use to almost custom reloading. It make the 550 come back to service as a quick machine
Thursday 25 February, 2016
gross dominique
Trés bon produit gain de temps pour le rechargement je le recommande fonctionnement irréprochable. Merci
Friday 12 February, 2016
Kurt Steinkleibl
Gute Preis Leistung ,bestens geeignet für Blei Geschoße, große Steigerung
Thursday 01 October, 2015
Tor Jørgen Tofte
Inexpensive but functional. Together with a shell feeder it has turned my old and trusty 550 to a "monster aparatus"!
Monday 11 May, 2015