"Race Gun" Kit for Browning Buck Mark
"Race Gun" Kit for Browning Buck Mark

"Race Gun" Kit for Browning Buck Mark

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Get competition ready and turn your Browning Buck Mark pistol into a race gun with the TANDEMKROSS Race Gun Kit. This combo features our best Browning Buck Mark upgrades in one kit - saving you money compared to buying each part separately and giving you the ultimate Buck Mark upgrades in one, simple package.

This combo includes:

Improve your trigger pull with the flat-faced, textured "Victory" Trigger for Browning Buck Mark. The flat face ensures consistent trigger placement for better accuracy, and the trigger is fully adjustable for post-travel for a custom feel. The "halo" Charging Ring for Browning Buck Mark offers a unique pull ring design, making it easy for any user to quickly and successfully charge the gun or clear a jam - ideal for a competitive shooter or any user with small or weak hands.

Magazine changes will be easier with the addition of the "Titan" Extended Magazine Release and "BuckPRO" Magazine Base Pads. The "Titan" magazine release is taller and wider than the factory, and is positionable by the user for a custom fit. The "Titan"comes with two textured button styles that offer a no-slip grip in any condition. The "BuckPRO" magazine bumpers offer an extended base, making it easier and faster to bump magazines into place and boosting the consistency of positive magazine seatings - ideal for competition!

Get all of these Buck Mark upgrades in one simple kit and be competition ready! The kit is available with black or gray extended magazine release and trigger. Please note: the "halo" Charging Handle and "BuckPRO" Base Pads are only available in black.

NOTE: There are quite a few variety of bolts for the Browning Buck Mark. The "halo" Charging Ring included in the Race Gun Kit will only fit the newer style bolt shown below. The "halo" will not fit CA compliant Buck Mark bolts.